Andabwa’s Date with Shopstewards

By John Kariuki

The General Secretary of Kenya National Private Security Workers Union Bro. Isaac GM Andabwa today held a breakfast meeting with the Nairobi Shopstewards to emphasize to them on the importance of solidarity and working closely with the Union officials since they are the company representatives being relied upon by then rest of the members countrywide.

He also mentioned to them that for so long, he’s been pushing for the implementation of overtime monies and better pay for the Private Security Officers among other benefits which end up being swept under the carpet by government bodies and that’s why he has decided to get into the National Assembly to have a chance to articulate on the pending matters that the union has been pushing for on the floor of the National Assembly.

His sentiments were supported by the Shopstewards who were in attendance and they went ahead to congratulate him for having been awarded the (OGW) Order of Grand Warrior award from the President, which is normally awarded to individuals in recognition of an outstanding and exemplary service rendered to the country in different responsibilities and capacities.

The General Secretary also demanded that all registered Private Security Companies must implement the 12% minimum wage with immediate effect, and failure to do so, he’ll be left with no other option than to take the matter to Court.

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