Kenyans Urged to Elect More Women

By John Kariuki.

As the political heat continue to gain momentum, the electorate has being urged to elect women leaders in various leadership positions starting with MCA, MP, Senator and Governor.

Under the “Chagua Mama Chagua Amani” mantra the African Women Leaders Network and Echo Network Africa are now calling for more women in leadership.

The Women leaders had converged at the Jennifer Riria Hub under the patronage of the highly respected Dr. Jennifer Riria who chairs the African Women Leaders Network and Echo Network Africa.

Dr. Riria has been on the front line in calling for support to enhance representation of women in the leadership spaces.

 Some of the challenges women seeking leadership positions face include: discrimination on the basis of gender, being coerced to step aside in favour of male counterparts, financial challenges to facilitate their campaigns.

Women leaders attending the meeting said, “We appreciate the steps made so far to ensure women are sufficiently represented across board. The Realization of two thirds gender rule continues to be a work in progress. Kenyans have progressively shown confidence in women leadership, reason why we have a good number of elected women in counties like Nakuru, Kirinyaga, Kitui and indeed several other quarters.

Indeed women are essential ingredient in national building and progress and this shouldn’t be underestimated.”

The women leaders concluded with a Clarion call for peace before, during and after the polls.

“We encourage every woman to ensure they play their vital roles in ensuring we have elections devoid of any conflicts. It’s possible to have a seamless exercise, we are all influential in our own capacities and therefore we can do it.”

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