Wanjiru Expounds on Her Manifesto

Incoming Nairobi Senator Margaret Wanjiru has continued to highlight her manifesto for the people of Nairobi.

In a meeting with The Council of Imams & Preachers (Nairobi Chapter), Wanjiru was  ENDORSED as the next Senator of Nairobi County.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru took time to explain point by point.

Oversight of county resources

“I will be your Watchman to make sure county resources are not plundered. I will make sure resources come to the ground in the right time


I will work towards equitable distribution of the bursaries. Based on my past experience as a Legislator, I will lobby for the increment of bursary per student from the current three thousand to ten thousand.


I will ensure smooth improvement of infrastructure without demolishing people’s property. For example when I was assistant minister of housing, I spearheaded the construction of new houses in kibra without bringing down houses.

Small scale businesses

I will work to boost Smes through provision of seed capital to improve on their business. We shall also link them with financial institutions in a bid to access credit in a timely manner.


I’d like to admit here that hospital infrastructure is superb. What is lacking is the equipping of the health facilities with medicines and also. I will see to it that they are provided with adequate staff and medicine.


Our youths slide into crime due to being idle but I will lobby7 for them to be engaged in garbage collection services in our city. I will also lobby for recycling plant at Dandora so as to turn our trash into a goldmine.

The Council of Imams & Preachers (Nairobi Chapter) has today ENDORSED me as the next Senator of Nairobi County. They want a leader who will uphold morality and offer better leadership for our people.


I will lobby for the construction of new state of the art markets for our traders to do business in a dignified manner. It’s doable.

The clerics said they want a leader who will uphold morality and offer better leadership for the people.

Honorable Bishop Margaret Wanjiru also urged the electorate to vote in Kenya Kwanza’s Presidential Candidate Dr. William Ruto

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