Why Gladys Chania is Kiambu’s Finest

By John Kariuki

Humble, down-to-earth, likeable and personable is the one sentence that is just a tip of the iceberg in the description of incoming Kiambu Woman Representative Madam Gladys Chania.

Madam Chania going by the popular mantra Sauti Mashinani is a several time award winner in community human rights advocacy, gender inclusion, leadership and Kiambu county mashujaa heroine 2017.

A teacher by profession and today a Child & Adult Psychologist Madam Chania prides having touched thousands of families in all corners of Kiambu physically through her community empowerment or Philanthropic programs.

As it is today the most private Government intelligence report but already in public domain rates Chania as the woman to watch in the Woman rep race in Kiambu and as the only sure bet in the county seats in this vast county.

Madam chania is so determined that her office will be able to equip youth with skills to learn individual enterprises so as to keep them busy and curb the almost perennial alcoholism and drug abuse in the area.

She has been going round educating all her gathering on the Govt agencies that offer business loans and grants and she promise the community that she will be a worthy link to the funds.

In the ten years of devolution many residents don’t seem to know the existence of NGAAF (National Government Affirmative Action Fund) she promise that every constituency will get it’s share once she is in the office.

“Today as it is her norm and passion Madam Chania Sauti Mashinani today interacted with residents of Kahuho Muguga ward and discussed about their community water issues , alcohol and drug abuse and youth and women empowerment among other issues.

Later she joined the community of Kabete ward hosted by Hon Walter Ndambo in football tournament where she encouraged youth to be pro active and use their time healthily.She promised to engage them in small scale enterprise to get empowered.

With a few days remaining to elections Madam Chania requested them to vote for her transformative leadership on 9th August 2022.

Our passion is consistent just to serve.”

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