Over 2,000 security firms to boost security in polls

By John Kariuki

The Protective Security Industry Association has announced that its ready to offer supplementary support in terms of provision of security on the material day of August Ninth when the General Election is held.

The industry is 2,000 member strong and some have been approached to supplement and others are doing it purely on voluntary basis.

Cosmas Mutava  is the Chairman of the Association and doubles up as the Managing Director of Marco Security Limited.

We have done what it takes to have our guards participate in that election. We have also trained them in crowd control and overseeing smooth polling. Our guards, just like any other Kenyan, must vote on the material day.

We have worked on logistics to allow them to vote on shifts. Part of the arrangement is to get more personnel on standby on industrial, commercial or residential gate. What we are telling our guards is they have to vote early and come to release their colleagues to also go and vote.”

The Private Security is 1.2M strong and this is a significant number which is why we are going an extra cost for the sake of allowing our guards to exercise their democratic right.

We are also advising our guards to vote the right way in observance of the law. Don’t accept any bribe nor approach the polling station branded by any candidate’s materials. Don’t announce your preferred candidate that you are supporting. Don’t despise the other candidate or show affection in the polling Centre precincts.

“I’m Calling on Kenyans to vote wisely. We should cast out votes wisely without any influence. Don’t vote twice,” Cosmas concludes.

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