Kenyan Feted for Championing Biomedical Engineering

By John Kariuki

A Kenyan woman biomedical engineer has been recognized as a trailblazer by Unitaid an NGO that recognizes every innovation to stop pandemic.

Eng. Millicent Alooh was elated by the recognition which singled her out among the greatest contributors in Biomedical Engineering in subsaharan Africa.

The CEO of Just Action, Leith greenslade reiterated to support the recognition by highlighting how she has championed Biomedical Engineering agenda in Kenya.

Millicent Aloo is the Secretary General of Association of Biomedical Engineers of Kenya.

She was recognised for her exemplary work in her field of speciality.

“What a coincidence being recognized by Mpshah hospital for being an innovator, At the same time Unitaid and just action also throws in their surprise recognition ,this is humbling indeed” She said.

“The award is towards the innovative ideas I gave to improve patient safety and service delivery at MP Shah hospital

For the Unitaid recognition it’s because of the constant championing for biomedical engineering works and recognition over the years.

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