KWS: Interventions Required to Tame Loss of Lives

By Martin Masinde

Interventions are urgently required to tame the dangers and after effects associated with the ramaging drought throughout the country.

The drought has seen unquantifiable economic losses in form of livestock and wildlife.

For example in the Horn of Africa alone, it’s estimated that over 10 Million people are at the brink of starvation. To add salt to the injury, the erratic climatic conditions have continued to spell doom to humans and wildlife alike.

A case in point according to the chairman and founder of Sabuli Wildlife sanctuary is the thousands of wildlife that died due to lack of water.

Kenya’s wildlife is key in boosting tourism and consequently economic boom.

Kenya boasts of a variety of wildlife ranging from the Big Five which tourists fascinate to see in their natural habitat.

Sadly, little was done by the government to address the dire challenges that faced the animals in their natural ecosystems. Most were pushed to the brink of death during to lack of water.

Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy in Wajir county made an unprecedented move by inventing an innovative and unique way of quenching wildlife’s thirst during Drought season.

This is of course under the wise chairman and founder Sharmake Sheikh.

If all the players be it the public sector players as well as their counterparts in the private sector worked in tandem for a common goal, we can save our rich heritage for generations to come

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