Winnie Confident of Clinching Mwea MP Seat

By John Kariuki

With just eleven days left to the general elections, Mwea Parliamentary Aspirant Winnie Njuguna believes she is a winner. She has exuded confidence of clinching the seat as early as 8am on the material day of August Ninth.  

Winnie Njuguna was the first woman representative of Kirinyaga County.

Notable achievements of the honourable Winnie Karimi include:


Mwea has 108 primary schools and only 17 secondary schools; the disparity is stifling the advancement of education and forcing children to drop out of school and marry at a tender age. Hon. Karimi intends to increase the number of secondary schools in the county so that more children are able to get secondary school education.

Water and Land

Mwea has a large amount of canal water for irrigation, but lacks clean piped water. Hon. Karimi intends to improve the water situation through lobbying parliament and the county government to ensure piping of water is done. She also intends to keep promoting the rights of farmers by bringing a parliamentary motion that will enable easier access to land by citizens.


Kirinyaga county has areas that have very poor infrastructure. Hon. Karimi intends to lobby or development and expend her development efforts to include the improvement of roads.

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