Kapondi, Cheren face off as Election Date Approaches

By Isabella Maua

As August 9 draws closer, Mt.Elgon voters have been cautioned to keep off propagandists and divisive politics that may lead to post election violence.

Speaking during a funeral service at Tuikut- Cheptais, incumbent area MP Fred Kapondi accused some upcoming politicians of developing an intolerable behaviour of hiring goons to heckle their opponents especially during national rallies.

“Leadership isn’t as easy as some aspirants think, it’s shameful for one to buy youths illicit liquor so as to cause commotion as a show off during national events,” Kapondi noted.

Silas Cheren popularly known as Waziri wa Michezo was also present in the event and besides preaching peace challenged Kapondi to pave way for change as is much desired by the people.

“It’s high time you handed over power peacefully and allow me to put into practise my manifesto given the fact that I’ve a record of being action oriented and the people of Mt.Elgon have already named me Waziri,” Cheren dared him.

On the other hand Cheren who was recently endorsed by the Iteso community (and whose ratings have steadily being rising seeming to be giving the incumbent a run for his money)stated that he is the best one to replace Kapondi amongst the other over 10 aspirants basing on his track records.

“I believe in leadership that is measured by performance and gauged by the living standards of local wananchi;it’s a pitiful situation that in this century and under an elected leader we’re still talking of dire poverty, poor educational and health infrastructure,” Cheren decried.

Kapondi in his defence called upon all other aspirants to allow him continue being in office and come back in 2027 when he would have divided Mt.Elgon into 2 or 3 constituencies.

“My experience in Elgon politics is unmatched, allow me to finish this term then you can vie later after boundary review where we’ll have at least constituencies,” he advised.

He further condemned Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula for inciting Mt.Elgon community and creating tension by saying that politicians have started sneaking in guns from Uganda.

“Wetangula should keep off Elgon politics and cease selling fear to our people so as to gain popularity at the expense of tainting other people’s reputation,” Kapondi reiterated.

He further called upon peaceful campaigning and tolerance among residents revealing that some aspirants move around carrying rounds of ammunition, pangas, stones and machetes which are uncalled for.

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