Wanjiru Implores on Church for Good Governance

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By John Kariuki

Incoming Nairobi Senator Honorable Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has urged the church to be on the frontline to enhance good Governance. She particularly called on the congregation to exercise their democratic right and vote on Ninth August.

Drawing a Bible verse from Proverbs 29:2 which says “When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice…” the Bishop urged the voters to elect leaders based on integrity and values.

Bishop Wanjiru said she has a good plan to lower the taxes that have already overburdened the traders especially the importers.

“The tax has been punitive to importers. We shall streamline the taxation and improve the imports of businessmen. Push for importation of things duty free. Improve and facilitate for them to trade between.

“It’s doable but someone must champion it.”

Under the pillar of healthcare, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru said she will see to it that community health volunteers are dignified to community health workers and take home a stipend of Ksh 15,000/ monthly.

On the matter of Garbage, Wanjiru says it’s a pity that the City is littered with garbage. As a Senator she will make sure Nairobi is neat, healthcare and habitable to live and work.

“It’s time to say no. Nairobi is very filthy and we want it clean. We want sewerage rebuilt and covered. We want enough free flowing water in the City,” Bishop Margaret Wanjiru said.

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