One on one with ODM Nominee Sonia Birdi

By John Kariuki

Who is Sonia Birdi and what does she stand for

She is a Sikh, born and brought up in Nairobi. Her parents are senior business people and leaders of the Sikh community in Kenya. She studied in catholic schools and did her Bachelors in commerce in India and her masters in business admin from Sheffield Hallam University in UK. She managed the family business and ventured into wellness and health in 2015.

In 2013 she was nominated to parliament following her consistent campaigning of minority interest at national level through URP. In 2017 she campaigned in Westlands constituency and did not make it through. In 2022, she stepped down for Hon. Tim Wanyonyi in Westlands again upholding the spirit of party unison through Amimio. She now stands a chance in the Senate of Nairobi through the presidential candidate Hon. Raila Odinga and his party ODM.

She is a human rights enthusiast, care taker of women and children, philanthropist and health enthusiast.

Being nominated by ODM what would you make of this

This is a great step and indication that minority representation is taken seriously.  A confirmation of Hon. Raila about his promises made to the United Kenyan Asain Businesses and that to Tribe44.

The two thirds gender principle has never been achieved. Comment

That not withstanding, it is the responsibility of every able leader who is serious about community progress, to be consistent and address the gendar issue until two thirds is achieved.

Responsible leaders in this country understand the need of transparent and honest leadership.

 For the interest groups you represent, what pieces of legislation would you like articulated on the floor of the house

I Will look at special interest of women and orphans through

The marriage bill and the national widows and orphans bill.

Will look of interest of youth through sports bill and health bill.

I will legislate and oversight institutions responsible for water and sanitation in the county of Nairobi.

(v) It’s a general perception that the nomination list failed to reflect the marginalised groups and instead awarded the Political cronies. What do you make of this.

Political parties face huge challenges when it comes to minority groups simply because of the micro socio problems faced by the communities themselves.

Minorities should be encouraged to lobby and group in oneness to as to address this question with the seriousness it deserves.

So far, there has been a huge interest of marginal representation of marginalisation through out the country and in all parties.

It is encouraging. Also an eye opener for thousands of youth who are seeking guidance on how they can make a difference in our country.

(v) Final thought

This election is unique in that we have all come into it after being affected by a pandemic which shocked the whole world.

There is need of responsible leadership and my community understood this long time ago. I wish to fill the void of minority representation whether in politics or not.

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