Ruto Widens Gap Between Him and Raila

By John Kariuki

Deputy President William Ruto has increased the margin between his rival, Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate, Raila Odinga in the latest poll carried out nationally by Intel Research Solutions (IRS).

According to the data released on Monday, August 1, the DP increased from 50.5 per cent to 53.1 per cent while Raila dropped from 44.2 per cent to 42.7 per cent. 

IRS showed Ruto and his running mate, Rigathi Gachagua had maintained their lead in the past four rankings as opposed to the Raila-Martha Karua duo. 


Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah came third with 1.2 per cent followed by Agano party’s Waihiga Mwaure who garnered 0.2 per cent. 

Raila maintained the lead in the Coast region with 51.7 percent as opposed to Ruto’s 42.5 percent. In Northern Kenya, the DP garnered 53.7 percent vis-a-vis Raila’s 43.2 percent.

The Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate’s dominance was evident in Mt Kenya East with a 77.1 percent rating. The former premier, on the other hand, scored 19.2 percent. 

Ruto also defeated Raila in Mt Kenya West, Mt Kenya Diaspora, Central Rift and Western Kenya with 73.6 percent, 58.5 percent, 85.5 percent and 48.2 percent respectively. 

Raila, on the other hand, led in South Eastern Kenya, Maa Rift, Luo Nyanza South Nyanza and Nairobi with 51.9 percent, 49.7 percent, 86.8 percent, 53.1 percent and 52.5 percent respectively. 

According to IRS, more Kenyans resonated with the Kenya Kwanza coalition (50 percent) as opposed to the Azimio la Umoja outfit (48.1 percent). 

DP Ruto received more support from Kenyans within the 18-25 years age bracket with Raila getting 39.6 percent.

Further, both genders vouched for the deputy president (52.7 percent v 43.4 percent for female and 53.6 percent v 42.7 percent for the male counterpart). 

IRS conducted the survey between Saturday, July 23 to Thursday, July 28, against a sample size of 29,857 across the 47 counties. 

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