Jedidah Illuminates Nakuru Town west

By John Kariuki

Entrepreneural, outgoing, dedicated, strong willed – these are just a few of the accolades credited to the incoming member of Parliament for Nakuru Town West Jedidah Wairimu Kiplenge.

Jedidah, despite this being her first stab at the legislative office, has braced herself and is ready to face it off with veteran politicians who have also thrown their hats in the ring.

An adorable wife and a mother of two, Jedidah is vying on a KANU ticket. She has shaken Nakuru Town West so much so that the incumbent, whose hope to hold on the seat is quickly fading, is now scratching his head clueless on how then thirst for change will leave him out in the cold.

An authentic pollster has accorded Jedidah 70% popularity rating with the less famous competitors garnering the mere remaining 30%.

“I’m confident that I will deliver the seat on a Kanu ticket. We are guided by the mantra Chagua Mama Chagua Amani (vote for women, vote for peace’ and nothing can hold me back.”

Close to her heart is women and youth empowerment through micro and small enterprises.

“I will use my platform in the house to organise the women and youth into groups so that they can benefit from seed capital through which they can be able to start and grow their businesses under the mantra THINK SMALL GROW BIG. I will lobby for business incubation centres in Nakuru Town West so as to empower my people economically by teaching them how to fish.”

Nakuru Town West is a Cosmopolitan Constituency that envisages ethnic diversity. “I will be a champion of cohesion, unity and peace for all the communities living in Nakuru Town west. Our ethnic diversity should be our strongest asset in terms of harnessing the various talents our people are endowed with,” she said.

Jedidah urges all Nakuru Town West voters to come out in large numbers on Tuesday 09/08/2022 to vote for her. She urges the voter to look for the cockerel symbol “Jogoo”.

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