Meet Eng Naran Arjan a pioneer of development in Mugumoini ward

Eng. Naran Arjan is set best placed to unseat Jared Akama of ODM in the coming elections.

Mugumuini is among the five wards in Langata subcounty with the rest being Karen, South C, Nyayo Highrise and Nairobi West.

Water and sanitation are among the top challenges he wants to address.

Mugumuini has unreliable water supply which often leaves residents dependent on water vendors.

Arjan pledged to install water tanks in strategic places within the ward to improve supply.

He also pledged to create employment and boost micro, small and medium enterprises. He will also create a Sh1 million kitty for loans to vegetable vendors.

Eng Naran Arjan belives that Mama Mbogas should conduct their businesses in a manner where they shouldn’t be threatened or get worried about loans. From the scheme, they will be able to get loans.

The aspirant also pledged to work with other leaders and the county government to address sewerage challenges.

To assist the elderly in Mugumuini, Arjan promises to set up a special fund to buy them equipment.

Eng Naran belives that Giving people free money makes them lazy but if given equipment like sewing machines they can earn something small and at the same time keep themselves occupied.

He is vying under the Roots party whose presidential candidais is George Wajackoya

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