FIDA-Kenya reports 745 SGBV cases since party nominations, launches Elections Observation Center

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By Mourice Seretta

The Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya FIDA-Kenya has released a report indicating that it has so far received 745 cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) on women since the April 2022 when the country held Political Parties nominations up until June 3oth 2022.

In the report released on Wednesday, FIDA-Kenya indicates that the most affected counties are Siaya 59 cases, Kisumu 40 cases, Nairobi 40 cases, Kericho 33 cases and Marsabit 33 cases.

The lowest cases were reported in Turkana 3, Wajir 3, Baringo 2, Lamu 2 and Kiambu 1. However, the other remaining 37 counties reported cases of between 5 and 26 cases.

Addressing the media while releasing the report, FIDA-Kenya Chairperson Nancy K. Ikinu offered that they have recruited, trained, and deployed over 199 elections SGBV monitors across the country together with IPOA, KNHRC, ELOG, IMLU, NPS, Health facilities and FIDA-Kenya, pro-bono advocates.

‘The outcomes of this has been a confirmation that SGBV is still prevalent against women aspirants, voters and supporters. We are launching the study today with preliminary findings of this mapped out by the monitors across the country,’ Ms Ikinu said.

FIDA-Kenya Chairperson Nancy K. Ikinu during a media briefing at FIDA-Kenya Headquarters on 3rd August 2022.

She also said that they have built capacity for key essential service providers who include 60 health care providers in partnership with the counties who form part of the essential services in emergencies in documentation and preservation of evidence. She says the move is aimed at ensuring that evidence presented in court is not limited by insufficiencies.

‘Other essential service providers include 50 pro-bono lawyers who are ready to undertake disputes from the electoral process hence advancing the much-needed legal assistants to our female candidates. We have seen positive outcomes from this training. 17 aspirants were ssisted following the Political Party Primaries held in April this year,’ she added.

FIDA-Kenya also lauched a physical and online Elections Observation Center to provide psychological support and legal support across the country. That was also in addition to their toll-free line at 0800720501.

‘Our monitors have also been depolyed across 47 counties to report, map and document incidents of sexual gender-based violence perpetration against women aspirants, voter, and supporters,’ Ms Ilkinu further stated.

She however hoped the elections will be peaceful and that IEBC should ensure a free, fair, transparent and verifiable elections.

So far, the country has 3 female Presidential running mates, 23 female Governor aspirants, 34 female MP aspirants, 47 female Senate aspirants, 27 Deputy Governor female aspirants and 1187 MCA female aspirants.

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