Jubilee Party Condemns President Uhuru’s Critics

By Tobby Otum

Jubilee party Mombasa county branch has condemned abusive language used against President Uhuru Kenyatta who is party leader.

Local party secretary Nelson Nyakwaka said they are perturbed by utterances against the Head of State by members of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

He lashed out at a section of UDA politicians who have formed a habit of using abusive language against President Kenyatta’s leadership.

“We are concerned by the abuse language against JP party leader on matters relating to the operations of the port of Mombasa,” he pointed out.

He was addressing the media at Hotel Ichweri in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county.

The JP branch official warned the critics to avoid sideshows as they are facing rejection ahead of next week’s polls.

Nyakwaka told journalists the critics should eat humble pie and acknowledge the Jubilee administration’s success in leading the nation for the past 10 years.He criticised the politicians for being on the payroll of some political class to throw mud at the Head of State’s name in cheap politics ahead of the polls.

“Let the country’s electorate embrace peace before and after the polls,” he said.

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