Unraveling Diqa’s Vision for Karura

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By John Kariuki

Diqa Wario Jattani is the undisputed incoming member of county assembly MCA for Karura ward in Westlands Constituency. Mr Diqa is vying as an independent candidate.

The Times Online sought an interview with him:

“My manifesto is pillared in four Thematic areas of creating employment, business incubation, uplifting healthcare and education. Let me dissect each at a time.

As we are all aware our institutions of high learning have been churning out graduates year after year. I will work towards linking them with the job market whether in white collar jobs or in the informal sector. This will avoid vices such as drug abuse which youths turn to out of desperation.

In the pillar of business, I will work to uplift the Mama Mboga to be an entrepreneur. I will set up business incubation centres in which the Smes can thrive.

In the pillar of health I will see to it that the Government health facilities within Karura are well equipped with manpower and medicines. I will also establish a well managed ambulance service to respond to emergency cases.

On education, it definitely goes without saying that education is key. I shall oversee prudent and transparent disbursement of bursaries as well as forging partnerships with our neighbouring Muthaiga Residents Association to up the education standards.

The other key pillar is security. Security is paramount for every meaningful development to be achieved. Insecurity used to be a thorn in the flesh of our people here at Karura but we thank God that with the input of Nyumba Kumi this situation has improved.

I’m now urging the voter in Karura to be ready for the D-Day August Ninth and vote me in. Lets not vote on ethnic or partisan grounds but instead vote in leaders with a vision, integrity, and a proven track record.

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