George Gachagua will deliver Ndaragwa

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By John Kariuki

It’s now undisputed that George Gachagua, fondly abbreviated as GG is the next Ndaragwa Member of Parliament.

Mr George, a renown contractor with business acumen, is vying on the United Democratic Alliance UDA Party ticket which has taken the Mt Kenya region by storm.

In a latest Mizani poll, he has commanded a 52% popularity whilst his competitor is trailing at 35%.

GG believes he is the solution that Ndaragwa constituency needs. A very fertile and agriculturally endowed constituency, it lacks an inch of tarmac.

GG plans to uplift the infrastructure status of the Constituency and also uplift education standards, youth and women empowerment, security, among many other fields.

GG confirms that he will deliver for Kenya Kwanza Presidential Candidate 98% of the votes.

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