Sakaja Courts the Youth as Campaigns Reach Feever Pitch

Nairobi governor candidate Johnson Sakaja is urging youths to vote him as the next city boss.

In his message as we head to August 9th poll Sakaja asked youths to support him transform Nairobi city county.

Sakaja enjoys massive following of the youths in the city considering his age and his ability to converse eloquently in sheng’ language.

Key in his manifesto includes improved service delivery, provision of clean water, creation of employment among others.

“Niaje Mbogi ya Kanairo ni super senator nimepiga shughuli vile naweza lakini Bado Kuna challenges mtaani mavijana hawana mboka wako Kwa madinga this time tuko na nafasi mavijana,tufanye mradi mtaani tarehe Tisa mrauke Ngware mnipigie kura Nairobi.

The supper senator has been in city politics for ten years and he understands challenges facing Nairobi residents.

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