Ruto Woos Coast Region, Pledges to Reduce Fertiliser Prices

By Tobby Otum

Kenya Kwanza alliance has assured the electorate it will put an end to brokers in the agricultural sector when it forms the government after next week’s general election.

Deputy President William Ruto, who is the  alliance’s Presidential candidate, reiterated his government will ensure food security and avert hunger and starvation in the country.

He said his first priority when they succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration will be to ensure the price of fertilizer is brought down.

“It’s the only way the country will be able to subsidize the price of maize flour and other essential  commodities countrywide,” he insisted.

Ruto said the move will end the embarrassment of hunger and starvation in the country.

He spoke during his campaign to woo voters to make him succeed the Jubilee administration at the famous Tononoka playing ground in Mvita constituency, Mombasa county.

The Deputy President  insisted the high cost of living and the rise in the price of essential commodities is as a result of the handshake between President Kenyatta and former Prime Minster Raila Odinga outside Harambe House in Nairobi county.

Ruto reiterated that the famous handshake is a contributer to the skyrocketing cost of essential commodities in the county.

He regretted it’s the first time the country is facing hunger and starvation due to poor planning by the government.

“It’s the first time that the price of foodstuff has hit the skies after the handshake was endorsed,” he pointed out.

The alliance Presidential candidate told the well attended campaign rally that President Kenyatta and Raila are not aware people are starving outside their comfort zone.  

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