Dr. Edwin Mugo Wins Mathioya MP Seat

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By John Kariuki

Mathioya Member of Parliament MP Elect Dr. Edwin Mugo has extended gratitude to the people of Mathioya for enabling him clinch the seat in a landslide win.

Dr. Edwin, in a phone interview, thanked the voters for elevating him to the House and singling him out among eleven candidates who had thrown their hats in the ring. The MP elect candidly said,

“I’m very grateful because the people of Mathioya bought my vision and indeed that of the United Democratic Alliance UDA Party. This win was made possible by the Power and Grace of God,” he noted.

Dr. Edwin garnered 21,503 votes against his competitor who came in a distant second at 8,700 votes.

Dr. Edwin has promised the people of Mathioya that he is ready to roll up his sleeves to serve them.

This is his vision


“Education is one of my key priority agenda. In working closely with the National Government I will lobby for the construction of a KMTC branch in Mathioya which is the only constituency without it. I will also fashion a bill on the floor of the house to abolish all charges in day schools so that the resources can be channeled to boarding schools as well as tertiary institutions.

I will also enhance transparent bursary disbursement and also expand the kitty so that it can effectively cover tertiary institutions.

I will put up a database of all the students and Graduates within Mathioya constituency so as to know the skill set for this great Constituency.

This information will go a long way in informing policy so as to link the people with internships and job openings. I will pioneer the integration of adult education in the system so that those people above the age of 45 and those who missed out on elementary education can now enjoy learning.


Cognizant of the fact that this function is Devolved, I will lobby the county government to put up a level five facility in Mathioya.

I will, on the floor of the House, see to it that the Bill by Homabay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga is implemented.

The Bill seeks to make sure that there’s a functional level five facility in every constituency. In line with Kenya Kwanza Manifesto, we shall subsidize NHIF and also broaden it to cover other ailments.


In the entire Murang’a County, Mathioya constituency has the least number of tarmac roads at just 200km. I will use my platform to lobby the respective government agencies to see to it that even if the roads aren’t upgraded to bituminous standards, they are at least all weather. This will ensure that the economy of Mathioya which relies heavily on agriculture is enhanced.


It goes without saying that water is life. Despite the fact that Mathioya is centrally dissected by the permanent Mathioya river from which the Constituency derives its name; it’s a big pity that our people have no access to adequate, running tap water. Our women folk still are accustomed to ferrying water on their backs.

This must come to an end because I will ensure adequate supply of clean drinking water for domestic use. This water will also be available at a very affordable small fee of just ksh 300 per month

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