KFS Celebrates International Youth Day

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Message from the Chief Conservator of Forests Julius Kamau.

I join the rest of the world in commemorating the International Youth Day 2022 whose theme is “Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a world for all ages”.

This theme speaks perfectly to the Kenya Forest Service commitment to create awareness among the Kenyan Youths on the importance of forests and trees and the need for their involvement in forest conservation and tree growing agenda.

Forests/trees play a critical role for our survival ranging from, catchments for water that we drink, clean air that we breath, healthy environment, recreational benefits, micro-climate for agriculture, medicinal value, shade, food/fruits, timber, fuelwood, household income, reducing risks for natural disasters like floods and landslides and mitigation of negative impact of climate change.

The aforementioned benefits that the current generation a majority of whom are the youths are enjoying, are as a result from the efforts and sacrifices made by the previous generations.

Equally the young generation must challenge itself to makings similar if not more sacrifices, dirty their hands, bend their backs in growing and protecting forests and tree resources and pass the benefits they are enjoying today and perhaps in a larger measure to the future generation – their children and grandchildren. This is true meaning of inter-generational solidarity in creating a world for all ages!

As a service we appreciate the critical and potential role the youth play and as such we shall continue to mainstream and involve them in our conservation and tree growing programmes and campaigns in inspiring and shaping the conservation leaders of today and in future!

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