The woman leader that Kiambu misses

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It couldn’t dawn to many that the Kiambu woman rep seat 2022 won’t go to Jubilee candidate the social economic development be.

Madam chania has been in the field for ten years now, she first served as the county TNA (The national Alliance) Uhuru’s first party Kiambu coordinator 2012-2016.

Madam Chania gave it a trial in Jubilee nominations of 2017 but left it at that and continued with her service to the community.

Chania is well known across the county and the nation in her fight for youth, women and people with disabilities rights.

She has community solutions to quality life.
She is a gender based Violence kiambu county champion,a recognition she gets year after year

Among many awards she has a presidential recognition on advocacy against alcohol and drug abuse (2017)
A NGEC(National Government Equality Commission) award second runners up gender inclusivity champion (2021) and a national leadership award from Kenya professional Christians Forum(KPCF)2017.

These are among many other credentials she has on community and philanthropy services.

Madam Chania have served in many schools, hospitals and organisation’s boards locally and across borders.
A teacher by profession then a Psychologist Madam Chania is ofcourse a no nonsense in matters service delivery.

Without saying a lot than these few lines it seem Kiambu county misses in their quest for a gender leader.

What has caught many to surprise is how this vast ,rich and populated county don’t mind choices, it has also dawned as if this particular seat rotates on radio presenters and artists and if so then the professionals and technocrats have no space in this particular voting pattern.

The middle class and the elites are few in the voting ground and thus people of madam Chania calibre might take long to hold this mantle.

When our writer reached Madam Chania she laughed it off and said she will continue with her community service since she started long ago before she craved for politics.

Chania also said that choices have consequences but it’s unfortunate the residents don’t see the jewel in her yet even now they are still reaching her for services.

Asked if she will vie again Chania said it’s early to decide but she can help in the policy and decision making at the county or national level if an opportunity is open in gender and social services.

Looking at number 1-3 in the woman rep results it shows Kiambu women seat is for artists celebrities, technical people can go to other jobs, she quipped.

Madam Chania took this interview while at the Coast of Kenya where she has gone to rest away from the politics of the day.

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