Lenku is our Governor, Let’s all Support Him, Katoo Ole Metito

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Outgoing Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito will not challenge the re-election of Kajiado Governor Joseph Lenku.

Metito has however urged Lenku’s competitors in the just concluded general elections to swallow their pride and support him for his reelection.

“Kajiado County is bigger than all of us ,politics is over now let’s all come together and support our Governor Ole Lenku,”he said.

Metito further said that he won’t petition victory of Lenku ,since the people of Kajiado County had spoken loud through reelection of Lenku.

“I don’t have a petition on the just concluded election,am ok with the results, “he added.

Metito ran against Lenku during the August 9 election and came second.

Lenku garnered 117,600 votes to be declared the winner against Metito’s 111,725 votes.

Former Governor David Nkedianye got 75,337 votes,
Ambrose Kago, who ran as an independent, got 2,661 votes.

His declaration puts to rest weeklong speculation on the governor-elect’s side that the battle was not over. 

Lenku is expected to be sworn in this week on Thursday for his second term in office.

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