Marube: How Kenya Can Grow Her Exports

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By John Kariuki

Kenya needs to drastically increase products that are in high demand in the export market to reduce the current Export Ratio gap. Dr. Wilfred Marube CEO Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency says

“As we innovate our products and embark on our studies and our careers, let us be aware that we must think beyond our borders, because Africa intends to trade as one.” –

He also underscored the fact that innovation-and-technology is key-for-socio-economic-transformation.

According to data Kenya’s top exports are Tea ($1.2B), Cut Flowers ($596M), Refined Petroleum ($308M), Gold ($262M), and Coffee ($229M), exporting mostly to Uganda ($940M), Pakistan ($515M), Netherlands ($503M), United States ($496M), and United Kingdom ($435M).

The top imports of Kenya are Refined Petroleum ($2.13B), Palm Oil ($671M), Broadcasting Equipment ($521M), Packaged Medicaments ($477M), and Cars ($403M), importing mostly from China ($4.86B), India ($1.95B), United Arab Emirates ($1.34B), Japan ($755M), and Saudi Arabia ($632M).

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