Nyakera Lauds President Elect William Ruto

29 100

Farmers Party Chairman Irungu Nyakera has congratulated The President Elect His Excellency Dr William Ruto.

On Monday, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the August Ninth Presidential poll that Ruto carried the victory.

In a statement, Mr Nyakera called upon the petitioners to accept the verdict and move on for the progress of our beloved Nation.

“I must commend the well reasoned out judgment of the Hon. Chief Justice of the SCOK. I welcome the ratio decidendi of the judgment but it is the obita dicta that we must all take good note of. By the time you present a petition to challenge the election of the President, you must have solid evidence for so doing, otherwise, petitioners must take personal responsibility for wasting the time of the court and most importantly Kenyans by presenting false evidence. This is criminal and the persons responsible need to be dealt with accordingly.”

Congratulations William Samoei Ruto THE FIFTH !. “Next time when someone is presenting a petition, he should have watertight evidence for the case to sail through. Courts don’t depend on falsehoods and inuendos,” Mr Nyakera advised

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