African Women Leaders Network Congratulate Kenya’s President Elect William Ruto

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By Njeri Irungu

The African Leaders Network- Kenya Chapter together with Echo Network congratulations the president elect William Samoei Ruto together with the Deputy President elect Rigathi Gachagua for their election as the fifth president of the Republic of Kenya.

This, they say is the voice of the Kenya people through their votes on 9th August then through the endorsement of the Supreme Court of Kenya on 5th of September 2022.

They said that they have no doubt that the Predident elect and his deputy will embrace all Kenyans and unite the nation so that together, we can tackle the myriad challenges affecting the nation.

“As you set the agenda for your first 100 days in office after being sworn in, we urge you to priorities the women’s agenda including actualizing the commitments for girls and women contained in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Women’s Charter which articulates the comprehensive agenda for the women of Kenya. Additionally, we appreciate the call for reconciliation that you made to other 2022 Presidential contenders and all Kenyans in General irrespective of their political persuasions. Indeed, this is the only way to get the Country back on track” Chairperson, Jeniffer Riria said.

The caucas lauderdale the message of hope and reconciliation by the outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta which he committed to hand over power to the incoming president and ensuring a smooth transition.

They also took the chance to appreciate the outgoing first lady, Margaret Kenyatta for her role in championing for the cause of girls and women for the last ten years.

Dr. Jane Riria stated: “The network appreciates the stately leadership of H.E Uhuru Kenyatta in promoting tgr peace agenda not only in Kenya but for also being a beacon of peace in the region. Kenyan women owe you a great debt of gratitude”.

They asked the incoming persident William Ruto to be a male gender champion too.

The women are also immensely proud of the judiciary under the leadership of Chief Justice of The Supreme Court Justice Martha Koome for her ruling in the presidential election petition.

The team, they say, demonstrated fidelity to the tile of law and that the judges acted independentely and professionally.

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