‘Kapkugo’ hopeful as Ruto takes over the highest office in the land

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By Isabella Maua

Mt.Elgon residents are a happy lot following the Supreme Court upholding of president elect Wiliam Ruto’s win.

While addressing media at Kapsokwony, former councillor Amos Naibei Tulgon congratulated Ruto on his official announcement as president elect and said Mt. Elgon is proud of their son.

He also mentioned that among agendas the president should prioritize once he assumes office is infrastructural development and historical injustices.

“We will appreciate the tarmacking of Kapsokwony -Kimilili road, upgrading of SMEs and juakali including mama mboga and open air artisans who have long been neglected,”Tulgon noted.

Mt.Elgon being a UDA stronghold is also hopeful of getting a Cabinet Secretary position as once promised by the now head of state.

Trans Nzoia farms have also been on the top list of Sabaots as they look forward to getting back the parcels of land they claim to be rightfully theirs.

“Colonizers robbed our grand parents of their large parcels of land in Trans Nzoia and after leaving, the well off citizens took over them, we request if possible to be given at least part of it,” Tulgon reiterated.

Caren Kirui a resident of Kibuk also mentioned that as women they’re optimistic that they’ll get the representation Ruto promised.

“We look forward to getting our share as women in Ruto’s government and we believe in his union with our MNA Fred Kapondi to live up to the bottom up realization,” Caren affirmed.

Modvin Chebus also lamented on behalf of retired councillors and former government administrators who’ve been forgotten by current regimes.

“Besides asking for recognition and appreciation of former leaders whose families are hailing in abject poverty, we also request for title deeds in Kopsiro Phase 2 and 3 which has long been a thorn in the flesh,” Modvin insisted.

All said and done, Sabaots are waiting to feel the warmth of the current government which for once is closer to their heart since ‘Kapkugo’ is on the helm of power.

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