Darren Hart Foundation to Commemorate Zero Emissions Day By Conducting Clean Up

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Darren Hart Foundation led by the Director Hart will be doing a clean up event in Lang’ata Kitengela Road on 23rd Friday 2022.

“We will Be commemorating the Zero Emissions Day through a Cleanup activity and later on have a mental health awareness.” Said Darren Hart the Director of the Foundation.

Air is the only thing we share intimately on the planet yet 99% of us are breathtaking polluted air which kills 7million people each year.

The outdoor air pollution causes heart diseases like lung cancer and respiratory diseases but we are no safe indoors either. 3.8 of of those 7 million deaths are household air pollution related.

These are unsafe stoves that use solid fuels like; kerosene,wood,animal dung and crop waste.

Air pollution knows no borders. It travels across cities,countries and continents.It is taking a toll on our economies,it’s racking up 6.1% of the global GDP.

While we are driving the problem by using fossil fuels for energy, industry and transport using unclean fuels for cooking, burning trash and crops we also hold the solutions.

Director Darren Hart observes that, there is need to make a shift to renewable energy and modern bioenergy and need to adopt clean and efficient cook-stoves ,use more sustainable building materials,switch to low emission electric vehicles,walk ,cycle and reduce trash burning. The world has to step up, and it has to step up now.

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