Ruto Woos US Investors to Help Him Lower Cost of Living In Kenya

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President William Ruto appealed to American entrepreneurs to venture into Kenya’s agricultural sector, specifically in fertilizer manufacturing.

In a dispatched from the President’s communication team, it was revealed that Ruto urged the investors to partner with Kenya in the production of fertiliser – a major farm input.

The head of state explained that the availabilty of fertiliser will help the country in the long run in the production of food, and lower the cost of living.

Ruto was meeting with representatives from the US Chamber of Commerce.

The President rooted for increased bilateral commercial cooperation between the US and Kenya, saying he is looking forward to establishing new relationships and strategic partnerships with the U.S business community to enhance Kenya’s economic and social transformation.

“He further held business meetings about fertiliser production and green energy to enhance Kenya’s agricultural production, to create jobs and develop a more resilient economy,” read the statement in part.

Ruto- who is currently in New York for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting- underpinned that Kenya has positioned itself as a hub of investments, expressing his confidence over the potential of the economy.

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