Statement: Farmers Party Condemns Azimio Plan To Derail The Government  

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Farmers Party has learned of a clandestine plan to derail the operations of the Newly elected Kenya Kwanza government through an attempt to have The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) & Farmers Party de-registered.

UDA and Farmers Party have both been served with court papers in which they have been sued for alleged registration of members without the consent of the said petitioners.

A close look at the court papers however reveals a hurried attempt by the proxies of Azimio to derail the government of H.E. William Ruto, as the suit seeks the de-registration of the two political parties, despite the glaring dearth of evidence of any person illegally registered by the parties. Further, the suit accuses the parties of failing to register as data processors by 25th June 2021, yet the registration was due on 14th July 2022.

The suit makes empty allegations and has not provided any admissible evidence, hence pointing to a treacherous plot by the opposition to derail the Kenya Kwanza government by hook or crook through unfounded legal machinations.

A cursory perusal of the suit confirms that the same raises matters falling purely within the purview of the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and Data Commissioner but since the main objective of the suit is to mud-sling UDA and its affiliates, the petitioners had to approach the courts.

Farmers Party has instructed its legal team led by  Chege Kamau, of CHege & Sang Advocates to aggressively oppose the petition and we are confident that the Court will again thwart the clandestine machinations to derail the duly elected government of His Excellency William Ruto. End-

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