Bunge La Mwananchi calls for mass action over high cost of living.

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Bunge la mwananchi has threatened for countrywide mass action if president William Ruto will not have reduced the cost of unga by next week on Monday.

The lobby group led by National President Calvin Okoth Gaucho, the group now says that its high time Rutos government deliver services to Kenyans since the high cost of living is unbearable.

“We want the price of unga be reduced to 80bob ,and price of fuel to 100bob,with immediate effect,” Gaucho said.

Gaucho has also castigated Rutos government for engaging in campaigns and public relations activities at the expense of common Mwananchi.

“Instead of Ruto solving the problems of unemployment and bringing down cost of living, his busy playing pr with our lives,”Gaucho added.

Gaucho now wants Ruto to focus on service delivery since Kenyans have already moved on and now wants the cost of living be cheaper to everyone.

“We want job opportunities and promised hustler funds to the youths and mama mbogas be disbursed immediately, “Gaucho added.

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