Residents Blame “Corrupt” Paulyne Oginga for Poor Healthcare in Mombasa

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A section of residents in Mombasa have protested poor health services at the local health facilities.

The residents who addressed the media have protested against the poor services in the health facilities in the coastal county.

The residents led by Capital Youth Caucus Association Secretary-General, Evans Momanyi protested poor medical services across the six sub counties of the coastal city.

The residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the services accorded to patients in public health facilities and called on the Governor Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir to sack Pauline Odinga, Chief Officer Public Health.

Momanyi accused the public health chief officer of overseeing mismanagement of the crucial health sector and failure to provide essential services.

The social activist said they are demanding the intervention of the governor in the management of the health sector in order to improve services.

He said Ms. Oginga should resign or be sacked from the position she holds since it’s clear she cannot handle her responsibilities.

He alleged that the chief officer was involved in corruption cases and they had proof of that and asked Governor Nassir to ensure his administration remains free of corrupt practices.

Cornelius Mkoba of Bunge La Wananchi weighed in saying that the people were dying yet those in charge of the health docket were less concerned about the plight of patients.

Mkoba called on the county boss to sack all county executives and chief officers who served under the former county administration led by former Governor Hassan Joho.

He said the new county boss should ensure that he employs competent people to help him manage crucial departments like that of healthcare in a bid to end poor service delivery.

He said the health services in the county are in a deplorable condition yet those in charge were unbothered.

Jackline Wamboi who was among the residents who took to the streets in protest of poor health care services complained of a shortage of drugs, food and water shortages and persistent health workers’ strike.

She said that the health issue was a serious matter that needs more consideration from the top county administration.

Another woman leader Amina Ridhwani called on the new county administration to act against the poor state of the healthcare system in the region.

She said it was not proper for the authorities in the devolved unit to sit and watch as facilities in the health sector decayed to an unimaginable level.

She said they are calling for a better public healthcare system.

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