French Chamber of Commerce, KNCCI to Support Kenyan Businesses In Trade Development

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The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and and Industry (KNCCI) will partner with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) to support businesses in Kenya.

The partnership deal was signed by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) Head of International Events and Partnership Ms. Estelle Gillot Valet and KNCCI president Richard Ngatia.

In the venture the FCCI and KNCC will closely work together to expand trade and investments opportunities through the support of Business Incubators, Digital technology, apprenticeship, SMEs programs, benchmarking, exhibitions and events with the Kenyan business industry.

KNCCI will focus on ICT, Logistics, Agriculture, Hospitality and Infrastructure to expand its partnership with French Companies.

Since 2019, KNCCI has mid-wifed a process where business delegation from Kenya to France in search for potential markets oversaw a growth in Kenyan exports between $77M in 2019 -and $91M in 2021 in the French Market.

“We will be hosting FCCI in 2023 in Kenya to showcase the available business opportunities and enhance our partnership towards trade development,” said Ngatia.

Ngatia is seeking to create business opportunities and financing for KNCCI SMEs in Kenya.

Ngatia will meet with key representatives of the French Chamber of Commerce and BPIFteerance, Medef International and Ambition Africa in his visit in the European country.

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