CBC Review Elicits Mixed Reactions

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By John Kariuki

The viability and sustainability of the Competence Based Curriculum has continued to be a subject of Debate among key stakeholders in the education sector.

Albert Nyaga, director of Alber Schools, the leading in Kirinyaga County opines the following:

“CBC was far fetched. It was hurriedly ushered in through the back door without prior arrangement and consultation of key stakeholders. This is why it has received numerous hiccups in its implementation,” he observed.

Mr. Nyaga has felt the pinch being the first time the education sector is being treated to pressure to comply with Ministry of Education Standards pertaining to the CBC.

“At Alber we have a student population of 1,897 students. We are looking at erecting structures to house the junior secondary as required. This, however, is not an easy undertaking bearing in mind that most of the parents have born the brunt of high cost of living which has subsequently affected learning. Even for basic school fees, it becomes a key challenge for parents to sustain the children in school. To ease this, At Alber we have made sure that the fees is affordable and pocket friendly for all our parents,” he added.

The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) under the 2-6-3-3 system of education in Kenya was unveiled in 2017 to replace the 8-4-4 system of education which has served Kenya for 32 years. The proponents of CBC argue that it’s introduction provides an opportunity to reflect on the end of an Era in Kenya’s Education where ranking and cut throat completion has been at the centre of the sector. The anxiety that parents experienced in the past as well as the candidates was devastating and affected the country to the extent that parents engaged in cheating such as taking their children to academes but registering them for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams in rural public schools in order to secure national school places.

In his Parting shot, Mr Nyaga urged the 45 member taskforce that was mandate to relook into the CBC to thoroughly scrutinize it so that it can be practical and viable in the long run.

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