KETAWU wants Kenya Power Board Chair Vivian Yeda sacked

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The Kenya Electrical Trades and Allied Workers Union, KETAWU, is now wants Kenya Power Board Chair Vivian Yeda sacked.

Addressing the media on Thursday, the Union officials led by National General Secretary Ernest Nakenya Nadome say reforms in the Kenya Power at the Board level cannot be achieved as long as Ms Yeda remains its Chair.

‘She is the cause of shortage of critical faster moving materials, tools and equipment, for failing to deliberately approve The Procument Plan. This has adversely affected work thus the numerous complaints from customers,’ Nadome said.

Nadome also accused Ms Yedi for sending 59 staff including GM’s and procurement staff on compulsory leave for 9 months on full salary, for no justifiable reason. He adds that interestingly, they are back after the new government was swornj in.

‘Duiring her tenure spanning about 2 years, Kenya Power has had 4 MDs and CEOs. She has literally been micromanaging affairs of the company in total contravention of Company Act and Mwangaza Code of Conduct, the board has had 150 meetings in the financial year 2021.2022. She has further influenced the transfer of the former CS and PS of Energy to other ministries,’ Nadome outlined.

He further added that Kenya Power needs a responsive and a team player leader and not a bully and a tenderpreneur to facilitate efficient and timely decision to put back the company to its critical position as an economic pillar as envisaged in the Vision 2030 and a driver in the Big Four Agenda.

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