Blow to Imwatok as Raila Fails to Endorse him as Majority Leader

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Efforts by Makongeni mca Peter Imwatok to be endorsed as majority leader at the Nairobi County Assembly hit a snag after Odm party leader Raila Odinga refused to endorse apurpoted list released by the party last week.

The odm party leader on Thursday hosted all the Azimio mcas for a luncheon at acity hotel where he led deliberations on the appointment of leaders to various positions in the assembly.

Raila is said to have rejected the list that had proposed Imwatok as Majority leader, and Moses Ogeto as majority whip,which had been written by Edwin Sifuna.

“Raila rejected that list purpoted to have been written by Sifuna,and wanted members to elect aleader they have trust with and who can champion and unit all Azimio Mcas in the assembly,”An Mca present in the meeting said.

The majority seat is now between Imwatok and South C Mca Abbas Khalif who largely enjoys majority support from Azimio’s mcas.

During the meeting, Raila is said to have asked mcas whether to vote for their leaders or if they are comfortable the party choosing leaders for them.

The Mcas further respected Railas decision to choose leadership as party leader and agreed to support the final list.

“Baba asked us to vote for majority leader, we were ready to vote,but Imwatok side opted for party to chose leadership so elections never took place and we respected Baba to give us leaders,”Mca added.

Raila is said to have rejected Sifuna’s list of leadership that was sent last week in the assembly,without Raila’s blessings and asked for party unity in the assembly,amove that was agreed by all mcas who thanked Raila for making wise decision as a leader.

The party has promised to solve the stalemate in a week’s time ,with sources indicating that Raila through his wisdom will settle on aleader who will unite all Azimio Mcas in the county assembly.

The mcas praised Babas move ,saying his atrue leader who means well to all leaders.

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