Climate Activists Urge Gov’t to Prioritise Environment Conservation

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By John Kariuki

Hon Anita Soina, going by the nickname the Green Mp has urged the government to prioritize on environmental conservation.

Her call comes at a time when the Globe is staring at the ever mutating threat of climate change.

““On the road to COP 27, I also request the government to take the right people to COP. From the previous conferences we have had a lot of delegates who end up not being present in the action and negotiation rooms while possessing all access badges. There’s a need to also increase the number of youth and women in the delegation so as to achieve a well represented delegation.!”

Anita Soina also lamented about the casual nature the environment agenda has been treated with.

“The agenda must be amplified and it must be all inclusive and bring all players on the table in a bid to get a lasting solution. The lungs of our planet must be protected and safeguarded at any length.

In her parting shot, Soina said she is ready to offer her expertise and experience to the Ruto administration in whatever capacity she is called upon to assist

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