How Property Firm is Actualising Value-Added Land Ownership for Kenyans

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By John Kariuki

The real estate sector has proven to be one that is making dreams of millions of Kenyans come true.

One such player in the sector is Dagma Land investment which has several pocket friendly projects.

The Times Digital held a chat with Sam Maragua, the sales manager at Dagma and this is what he had to share with us:

“At Dagma we are Cognizant of the needs of every Kenyan which include provision of a place to call home. Since COVID struck, Kenyans learnt a big lesson on the need to invest in land where someone can put up his home. This is where we come in as Dagma by providing them with these pieces of land. Our land is also valie added, in terms of connectivity with social basic amenities such as infrastructure, water and electricity,” Mr Sam, popularly known as Sam Dagma, noted.

Some of the pocket friendly projects that Dagma has initiated include projects in Malindi going for as low as 100,000 and this can be payable in instalments.

“Malindi is a sure bet going by the fact that it’s a tourist destination town and is also strategically located and boasts with the ocean breeze and unmatched tranquility..,” Mr Sam added.

He also implored upon the government to incentivise especially for the benefit of the upcoming small and medium enterprises and also to lower the taxes which have skyrocketed.

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