KTDA Promise Farmers to Expect Fertilisers Next Week

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By John Kariuki

The Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) is assuring farmers better days ahead in terms of reaping from their toil.

Under the wise stewardship of Chairman David Muni Ichoho, KTDA is focused on  farmer-centred approach, innovation and efficiency, to the benefit of the farmer.

The Times Digital sought an interview with Mr Ichoho, the chairman at Munyu-ini tea buying center in Gatundu South.

“KTDA now has renewed impetus and we want to assure the farmer that the next batch of fertilizer is almost docking the Port of Mombasa on 13th of this month. This is the second consignment and has arrived at the right time just at the onset of the October-December season.”

Mr Ichoho also urged farmers not to be misled by the deposed cartels who unlawfully and unsuccessfully tried to regain entry into KTDA.

“We booked them at the OB and so the  are urging farmers to observe caution. These former cartels who had oppressed farmers for more than two decades are just seeking cheap publicity. They stand inconsequential to the running of the affairs of KTDA and in fact we are treating them as criminals and masqueraders.”

KTDA Chairman David Muni Ichoho franked by Director of Munyu-ini Tea Buying Center Charles Gatithi

Mr Ichoho added that under the new management, the farmer has enjoyed the fruit of his hard work through innovation and diversification.

“We are demonstrating how we can continue empowering the farmer and offering him efficiency and seeking new markets for our tea. Last year we brought Ksh93 billion in revenue which is 19 Billion more than the previous year.”

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