Clergy Calls on Leaders to Work Harmoniously

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By John Kariuki

After the installation of President William Ruto as the Fifth Head of State the clergy have come to urge all leaders to join hands and build our country.

One such respected cleric is Bishop Eugene Kavune of Peniel Mission Ministries and who held a successful leaders summit on Saturday at his church in Buruburu Junction.

“It’s the high time as the clergy we request all leaders to now join hands in order for us to grow and become prosperous. Our country is great and we can make it better,” the highly respected Man of God observed.

Bishop Kavune also cautioned against the demonic powers that sometimes prowl seeking the ruin of souls and as such he urged anointed Men of God to rebuke such.

“As the clergy we have been bestowed with power and authority to break and nullify such cultic ties,” he said

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