School Owners Hail CBC

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Various stakeholders have come out in support of the Competence Based Curriculum.

One such leader is the Director of Mwiki Good Hope academy Rose Maina

In an interview Mrs Maina observed,

CBC is beneficial so much so that the child is now better engaged and they love schooling. What I can urge is for the stakeholders to allow use of existing infrastructure for the junior secondary because the infrastructure is there,” Mrs Maina added.

Furthermore, Mrs Maina observes that there is  existing infrastructure in the current primary schools especially public schools upcountry.

“They already have existing classes and only need to build laboratories. This is the same case in private primary schools. 

The rationale is to reduce waste on existing infrastructure  since this age group of children was already being handled by these schools. Mwiki Good Hope is the leading private school which last year posted impressive results and is located in the serene Mwiki environs.

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