Anne Muratha – Women: Let’s have an honest discussion

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By John Kariuki

Kiambu Woman Representative Ann Muratha has implored upon women to have an honest discussion in a bid to address their cultural roles their professional status notwithstanding.

In a Breakfast meeting organised by the Forum For African Women Educationists – FAWE Kenya, the legislator said that the elite women are absconding family and over concentrating on career.

“It’s imperative that in as much as we are chasing our career, it’s also equally important to be focused and keen on family life. As women let us get married because if you miss out on this important aspect, the fifth floor (meaning the age of fifty years onwards) is very cold,” she noted.

Her sentiments are reinforced by recent reports that women are opting to either remain single or just have one child to the detriment and regret in late life.

Wa Muratha also said that she is keen to end the alcohol and drug menace in Kiambu once and for all.

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