Expatriates Urge The President to Bring Down Cost of Living

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Expatriates have come out to advise President William Ruto to fast track ease of cost of living in line with his manifesto.

The latest to add his voice in this clarion call is Evans Kakai, an accomplished accountant and Auditor with a coveted wealth of experience in both the civil service as well as private practice.

In a news Interview, Mr Kakai decried the tough economic times and implored on His Excellency to take a swift action.

However Mr Kakai was quick to congratulate His Excellency for the way in which he has formed His Government.

“I want to take this early opportunity to thank everyone who has been appointed and at the same time commend his excellency for observing regional balance. During the campaign period, the president talked of the Hustler’s Fund. We are urging him to implement this which will breath new life and impetus on the business community.”

On the same breath Kakai called upon the government to prioritize on reviving the economy which is currently struggling.

“Before the campaigns Kenya kwanza had many economic forums which aimed at leveraging on a regions economic powerhouse by utilising the available natural resources.”

He also implored upon Dr Ruto to see to it that he fights corruption which has been one of the greatest threats to development.

“In the previous regime there was a lot of victimisation. It’s now upon Dr Ruto to try and sanitize the corruption narrative because initially it didn’t come out clearly on whether the corruption was real or perceived. Corruption is a disease that ought to be fought in this country in order to achieve meaningful development,” he observed.

Mr Kakai was also quick to offer His Excellency Dr Ruto this piece of advice:

“The president should remove politics from work. In the previous regime, politics took the whole session since handshake to the culmination. Big Four agenda failed partially because most of these people who were brought on board were either incompetent or less interested in how the Big Four was aligned to the National Blueprint – the Vision 2030.”

Coming from the Western region, he implored upon a revamp of the various companies in the Western Belt some of which have already been bailed out so as to enable them to be back on their feet.

“We ought to strengthen the corporate governance of these factories and task them to be profitable for self sustenance.”

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