FAWE Kenya Launches Strategic Plan

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By John Kariuki

The Forum for African Women Educationists (FAWE-Kenya) has today unveiled its strategic plan 2022 – 2026. The launch took place Tuesday Morning at a Nairobi Hotel.

The new strategic plan serves to assess the strengths and weaknesses of FAWEK’s approach and consider the internal and external factors that influence the trajectory of her work. The strategic plan reaffirms FAWEK`s vision by establishing a design process and approach for the effective implementation and sustainability of her mandate over the next five years. In the new Strategic Plan, FAWEK has revisited her vision, mission, goals and strategic objectives and has proposed the strategic direction for the next

planning cycle running until 2026.

The strategic plan is pegged on two objectives including:

• To increase visibility of the FAWE Kenya as a major organization that has championed for girl’s

education and women empowerment in Kenya for almost three decades.

• To showcase FAWE Kenya strategic plan to donors, investors, stakeholders and the private sector

for possible collaboration, partnerships and funding.

At the launch, the Chief Executive Officer of FAWE Kenya Teresa Otieno noted,

“We are not only celebrating the launch of the strategic plan but also 26 years since FAWEK started and the International Day of the Girl Child.”

On her part the Chief Administrative Secretary for Education Dr. Sarah Ruto observed,

“The new strategic plan denotes continuity, it denotes renewal, it denotes focus, it is a good place to be.”

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