Stakeholders Hail CBC, Ask Parents to Participate in Childrens’ Education

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By John Kariuki

Various stakeholders have continued to air their views pertaining the Competence Based Curriculum that has received appraisal and scorn in an almost equal measure.

In a news Interview, with The Times Digital Paul Wanjohi, the director of Sharp academy and the Secretary General of APBET Schools reiterated the importance of parents participation in their childrens’ Education

“ It’s good to address this CBC from an objective perspective. We have been having this CBC for the previous six years.

Even if the parents are given a lot of work.

“Parenting and education have to go hand in hand. For our children to excel, parent participation is critical. For example if the child has been tasked to make a mat, you should appreciate that as a parent.

Let’s not just speak ill of the Competence Based Curriculum.

CBC has no technicalities it’s all in the mind. Even if you embark on a journey somewhere, if you aim that you will accomplish, nothing can deter you. CBC is building on the competences of the child for example, there’s a child who can be poor in Mathematics but very good in playing a guitar..another one can be less competent in Kiswahili but great and sport.”

The issue of transition is delicate and fragile. We should be very careful on the transition to junior secondary to avoid drop outs.
He was however quick to exude confidence in the government of his excellency Dr William Ruto for showing commitment to streamline the CBC by recently appointing a taskforce to oversee it.

“Let’s not forget that some schools don’t have enough boarding facilities. Sometimes there’s congestion and scramble for the meagre resources.

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