DNG Welcomes Move By Nairobi County Govt Of Dismissing Calls To Shut Down Bars Over Noise

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The Nairobi City County Government has dismissed calls to shut down bars over noise.

The current Leadership is focused on expanding the business environment and creating more opportunities in that sector; not closing down people’s businesses in the Capital City.

I am grateful that the County Leadership has dismissed the matter. I am personally totally against closure of businesses. As an Activist who championed the #UnlockOurCountry movement to get our people back in business and get our workers back to work during the Covid-19 Lockdown, these draconian ideas of business closure are saddening. We cannot rush to close businesses just because we have refused to think through solutions.

Those pushing for closure of bars need to engage and consult Entertainment & Music Industry Experts such as myself. There are many solutions that have not been explored:

1. Soundproofing.

2. Noise Reduction via cut-offs – Tweaking the music systems to cut off when the music gets too loud.

3. Installing Glass – It reduces the decibels being projected out of the premises.

4. Repositioning Of Speakers.

5. Self-Regulation: The outlet managers, owners & DJs need to be engaged to oversee noise reduction.

The County Government cannot just wake up and close down licensed businesses without engaging them first. Kenya is not a military state. All attempts to turn it so must be thwarted with expediency.

In Kibra Sub-County for example, the Liqour Committee has not met to address any of these issues. I have never seen them do any engagement since the time I dove into elective politics in June 2021. As such, the Liqour Chairman’s arbitrary declaration brings a lot into question. Such decisions must be restrained. As a County Assembly, we will defend the rights of traders no matter the cost.

I promised to protect people’s businesses. I will never support the destruction of people’s businesses. These bar owners and the people employed there are legitimately looking for a source of livelihood. They also pay licenses. This is a Hustler Government. Hatuwezi kubali wananchi wa kawaida wanyanyaswe.


Davidson DNG Ngibuini,

MCA, Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course Ward.

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