Kesses MP Down to Work

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By John Kariuki

Not many legislators have the zeal and commitment of Kesses member of parliament CPA Julius Rutto. Mr Rutto is focused, industrious and intelligent.

Here are his thoughts:

“Affordable healthcare, Infrastructural development, Education, Nurturing of talents, Electricity, Women and youth empowerment formed the basis of my manifesto during my campaign.

On Tuesday this week, I was able to speak and the debate on some of this critical issues at the floor of the house.

Under affordable healthcare, I raised my concern on the NHIF cover that as parliament we should initiate laws that allows NHIF to cover for all the illness including but not limited to cancer.

This will go in a long run saving the lives and salvaging the vulnerable families from selling all their assets to cater for the medical bills.

On Education, I raised the case of Moi University, which is in my constituency. It is so sad to see such a vibrant and a prestigious institution collapsing under our watch.

The university requires urgent attention from the national government, on the aspect of reorganizing it and funding so that the institution can regain the lost glory and be the centre for excellence it once was, to producing the human capital we require for the job market as well as sustaining the supply of working force as a public parastatal.

Lastly on the aspect of Hustler fund, I  applauded the president for recognizing the plight of the hustlers.

I remember this was the basis of our UDA manifesto through the bottom up economic model and it will greatly impact those at the lower economic pyramid.

We will give the necessary support to the executive as legislative arm of government because the funds will go in long run in changing the life’s of the afro mentioned who are majorly youth and women doing the SMEs in the society.

I will always be on the forefront in championing for the rights and grievances of my constituents on the floor of the house and outside the parliament.”

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