Meet Damu Mastiff the Dog that loves Good life.

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Around the Globe pet influencers are becoming common.

In Kenya one of the largest influencers by size and following is a dog by the name Damu Mastiff.

Damu Mastiff’s life is documented on his Instagram page @damu.mastiff.

So far the large dog has partnered with several Local and international brands the like of Josera a premium dog food company with head quarters in Germany but available in the Kenyan Market.

Other than petfood he’s partnered with a car workshop in Nairobi Automechanika and been featured in interactions with Kenyan celebrities.

His page features selfies, road trips, birthday celebrations and other life milestones.

Have you interacted with Damu Mastiff? Do you have a page for your pets? Make sure you follow Damu Mastiff @damu.mastiff

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