Wajir Woman rep Case takes a new political twist,petitioner Fatuma Gedi insist her victory was stolen.

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Petition challenging Wajir woman representative election of the 9th August 2022 could be headed to an interesting times after Wajir county woman representative Fatuma Jehow found herself on the receiving end while having a difficult time to explain when she was served with a petition challenging her election.

The woman rep told justice Lucy Gitahi that she could not remember when the petition was served upon her but she recalls having read the same on a Gazette notice.

The petitioner Fatuma Gedi through her lawyers has insisted that the woman elect was validly served and subsequently appointed a lawyer on 12th September to represent her.

“Our client complied and did what is necessary but the other party decided to ignore and now lying to this court,”Lawyer said.

Jehow had difficult moments at some point requesting to explain herself in her local language (Somali) in the court.

The petitioner has opposed an application by the woman seeking to strike out her petition on ground of non service with Gedis lawyers arguing Jehow was out to mislead the court while lying in court.

The petitioner has insisted that service Is about knowledge which according to the woman rep she knew about it

The Judge will deliver a ruling as to whether the woman rep was served or not.

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